“The Death of Creativity” is a 60x50cm oil on canvas painting that reflects on the issue of constant surveillance and its impact on self-expression. The painting, created by myself, Carlos Ribeiro, on July 1st, 2022, showcases a powerful message through its use of vivid shades of red and blue, as well as the depiction of a woman whose face is presented in black and white.

The name of the painting, “La Morto de Kreivo,” was inspired by the concept of Esperanto, which was created with the aim of uniting people. The central figure in the painting, being consumed by a creature whose face is nothing but an eye, surrounded by a golden aura, symbolizes the loss of individuality and creativity that can result from pervasive surveillance.

The golden aura serves as a comparison between traditional religious idealization and the modern-day idealization of big tech, drawing attention to the timelessness of the themes of control and the fact that they are still relevant today.

The use of gold leaf in the painting adds a sense of antiquity and timelessness, emphasizing the idea that society is simply building upon and refining existing concepts. Meanwhile, the dark window in the background serves as a reminder of the loss of privacy and freedom that is inherent in a constantly monitored society. The barely visible creatures illuminated by the moon’s light evoke feelings of fear and uncertainty, highlighting the importance of protecting our freedom and individuality.

In conclusion, “The Death of Creativity” is a powerful piece of art that speaks to a universal truth about the impact of constant surveillance on self-expression and the world around us. The painting serves as a visual commentary on the importance of protecting our creative expressions and individual freedom in today’s society, and I hope that it will inspire viewers to consider these important issues and to work towards creating a world where we can all freely express ourselves.

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